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What to expect for plumbing cost for a certain project at your home. One of the first questions we are asked by Utah homeowners and business owners has to do with how much a plumbing job is going to cost. This can be for a small plumbing repair or a larger project.

Here we will outline each and every job with a general and average cost for each. This way you will have an idea of what a certain plumbing project will cost. Here at Keemer Plumbing, we thought we would give you some pricing on this page. Please keep in mind that these are average plumbing costs and not a rule as there are many variables.

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Factors In Determining Plumbing Costs

  • Cost of plumbing materials
  • Labor for installation
  • Available space of service
  • If a plumbing permit is required
  • Time involved with the job
  • Distance of the job

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Plumbing Costs For Each Service

A plumbing system in a home or business has many different aspects to it. Water flows in many directions and turns. Here in this article, we will outline each and every average cost.

Although you may already know exactly what is needed, it is difficult to project what a plumbing project will cost. This is why we need to come and look at the space and take a variety of variables into consideration. This helps determine the price of the project including any new equipment. Also considering any code violations which may need to be addressed.

Tankless Water Heaters

Tankless Water Heater

Many homeowners are making the choice to upgrade to a tankless what heater. With all of the many benefits, this is a no brainer. They have become one of the most popular upgrades.

The Average Plumbing Cost For A
Tankless Water Heater is $3,000.

A tankless water heater plumbing cost can be anywhere in the range of $1,800 – 4,800. This will depend on the system that you choose to install. A gas system will in general cost more than an electric.

Water Softener Image

Water Softening

The Wasatch Mountain metro area and Utah in general some of the hardest water in the United States. Because of this pipes often fill with hard water deposits. You can see these stains on the walls of your bath or shower. Also, water spots are visible in dishware and utensils.

The Average Plumbing Cost For A
Water Softener is $2,500.

In Utah, the water softener plumbing cost is anywhere from $1,500 on up to $4,500. This will vary greatly on what system you install and how much water you use daily.

Piping plumbing cost

Home Repiping

Homeowners here in the greater Salt Lake metro valley are benefiting from repiping their homes. If your home is over 15 years old you should consider these facts. The water in copper or galvanized pipes cause electrolysis and calcium and rust buildup.

The Average Plumbing Cost For A
Home Repiping is $8,500.

Utah homeowners can get quite the repiping bill due to the fact that they have large homes and families. The repiping plumbing cost can range for an entire home from $4,500 to over $15,000+. This varies greatly depending on pipe accessibility.

Whole House Water Filtration

Water Filtration

While we enjoy cold tap water here in Utah state we do not have the cleanest drinking water. As a matter of fact, Utah is 47th on the list for poor water quality. Needless to say, Utahns need serious water filtration. The water filtration plumbing cost ranees from $1,800 to $5,500 for a good whole-home system with good reviews.

The Average Plumbing Cost For A
Whole-Home Water Filtration is $3,500.

For us Utahins we can expect a higher than the average price for a whole-home water filtration system. This is due to our dirty water and the complexity of our water. You just don’t what a cheep system that will give you troubles.

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How We Make Any Plumbing Job Affordable

To make any plumbing job affordable we have a solution. Get our 1% payment financing. For instance a $2,500 job is only $25 per month.

We have many financing solutions for you. This will relieve the pressure associated with any plumbing costs you might incur for your Utah home.