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Water Heater Installation Options

When it comes to heating water, efficiency counts very much so. With older water heaters being not as efficient, this could be the cause of 25% of your Utah energy bill. By simply replacing your old water heater tank you could reduce that number significantly every month!

Here in the Salt Lake valley, where we tend to have a lot of water usage with larger families, your water heater can be taking a beating. It can also be costing you more money every year if the water heater is older and not as energy efficient as the newer and updated models.

Common Water Heater Problems

Another common problem with older units is that they are not up to code. Here are the things to look for:

  • Do you see an expansion tank installed?
  • The flu pipe, is it undersized? It should be 4″, not 3″
  • Is your water heater tank earthquake seismic strapped?
  • Does your tank sit in a pan
  • Is your T&P piped to a drain?
  • The gas line, is it installed with a double wall flexible pipe?
  • Are dielectric unions installed?

Options From Rheem

Water Heater Types

There are several types of water heaters you can choose from. Depending on the size of your family and your usage, there is one that fits your needs. Below is a list of the most popular on the market today. These are the types we install and options you should consider.

  • Gas
  • Electric
  • Tanked
  • Tankless and Instantaneous
  • Hybrid
gas water heater with flu

Gas Tanked

Across the nation for some time, gas water heaters have been the dominant choice. In the past, gas was the most common, affordable, easy to replace and very dependable. When installed we make sure that you will have adequate intake for fresh-air as it is required to run the unit correctly. This is of most importance.

A gas water heater can be also ordered as a propane model as well. From an installation standpoint, they can be a bit more difficult to install as a vent pipe or flue stack is needed. This should only be done by a professional. We proudly use Rheem water heaters.

Gas Tanked Water Heater Pros & Cons

  • Energy efficient
  • Recover time is faster than electric
  • Easy to install
  • 1/3rd the cost of electric
  • Needs a flue for exhaust
  • Must have fresh air intake
  • Needs to have a gas line to operate
  • More complex installation
rheem smal and large

Electric Tanked

Electric water heaters are convenient to install when there is no gas available or when running a flue would be difficult. They are also a preference when space is limited.

An electric tanked water heater also comes in a short version. Perfect for installation in tight spaces. Though the installation is cheaper for electric, the cost of running an electric water heater can be higher over gas.

Electric Water Heater Pros & Cons

  • Easy to install over gas becuase no flu is needed
  • No fresh air intake needed
  • Less in installation costs
  • Recover time is slower than gas
  • 2 times more costly to operate over gas
Tankless Gas Water Heater

Tankless Gas

Tankless units add a luxurious bathing experience with endless hot water. The efficiency is substantially higher than standard tank systems. This type of mounts on the wall and also saves on space.

It’s important to remember to place your new tankless system as close to the point of use as possible for the best results.
Tankless water heaters come in indoor and outdoor models since they can be run off of propane.

When the gas tankless heater is installed a flue will be needed. Also, a sweat drain will be needed to drain any extra moisture created by the unit.

Tankless Gas Pros & Cons

  • Small and space saving
  • Very energy efficient
  • 30% gas savings over tanked water heater
  • More complex installation
  • Needs a flue for exhaust
  • Must have fresh air intake
  • Needs to have a gas line to operate
tankless electric water heater

Tankless Electric

With a tankless electric water heater, you will have the freedom and ease of installation due to its small size. The tankless unit will not need a flue or a sweat drain with its installation.

You will enjoy all of the benefits of the gas heater mentioned above. They are 100% quite and very efficient. You will be surprised where the init can be installed and many have said that it is a game-changer.

As a homeowner, you will save money year after year with an electric tankless unit. This is due t the fact that the unit will only run when water is running through the unit. Very good news and savings indeed.

Tankless Electric Pros & Cons

  • Small and space saving
  • Simple to install
  • Not as efficient as the gas tankless
  • 20% electric savings over thanked electric unit
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