replacing old sewer and water mains

Sewer & Water Main Installations

Sewer and water mains are buried way under the ground or under your home. Because of this, they are challenging when it comes to installation or repair. Sewer and water mains can be frustrating for Utah homeowners as they are not visible.

This is why it is so important to hire professionals like Keemer Plumbing. We service Salt Lake City and the entire Wasatch Front Utah metro area.

Residential Sewer & Water Mains Sizes & Depths

  • Both need to be 6″ below the frost line
  • The frost line is 30″ to 36″ on average in our area
  • Sewer Mains are 4″ in size
  • They range from about 5′ to 10′ deep
  • Water Mains are 3/4″ to 1″ in size
  • The depth range is 40″ – 50″ deep
  • These are approximate if they are installed by Utah building code recommendations

Leaking pipe

Sewer & Water Main Low Flow & Draining Issues

If you notice a decrease in the water pressure on your property, the problem may be caused by blocked water main pipes. If you have having slow sewer draining issues, you also might have some blockage. More often we find this blockage is the problem in our Utah valley area.

Water mains are the line that delivers the water from the neighborhood or city supply and connects to your property. Sewer mains are the line that empties the water and solids when flushed or drained into a central sewer system. Many of the plumbing main lines are older and smaller than the rest of the area’s supply lines. Because of this eventual replacement of the water or sewer line is often inevitable. This will fully rectify the sewer or water issues to your property. This is especially true in older homes in the valley.

What Causes Water & Sewer Low Flow Issues

  • Low flow from clasping pipes
  • Blockage from tree roots
  • Build up from sediment
  • Leaking from cracks
  • Earth movement issues from earthquakes

Sewer & Water Mains

Fast Sewer & Water Main Service – How We Diagnose

Keemer Plumbing provides fast and professional water main repair and replacement services. We serve Salt Lake City and across the entire Wasatch front in Utah. Our team of professional local plumbers will get to look at your project right away.

We Will Look & Listen To Your Sewer & Water Main Issues

When we come out to your home we will do the following:

  • Look for surfacing water
  • Notice if your driveway is caving into the ground
  • Observe if the earth on your property has areas of sinkholes
  • Listen using special plumbing equipment
  • Look for cracks in driveways

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How Soon Can You Start My Job?

We are here to help! In most cases we can start your project within the same day! Because we are local, we can replace your existing water main right away! We understand how frustrating it can be without water or be able to flush your toilet.

Use Our Money

No one likes to spend money on a unexpected repair. For this reason we have the famed Utah EZ Pay financing. Here is an example what a sewer or water main job might cost. EX: a $5,000 job is only $50 per month. EX: a $15,000 job will be only $150 per month.

Call Or Text Today!

Call or text Keemer Plumbing at 801-330-5383. We will come out to your home and look at your situation. Then we will make recommendations and pricing. Sewer and water mains can be frustrating for Utah homeowners however we are here to help!