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Sewer & Water Main Installations

Buried way under the ground or under your home, sewer mains and water mains are challenging installations. This is why it is so important to hire professionals like Keemer Plumbing. We service Salt Lake City and the Wasatch Front.

Low Flow Issues

If you find yourself with low flow or notice a decrease in the flow water on your property, the problem may not always be caused from blocked pipes and sewer lines. More often than not, we find the problem to be originating from the water main or main line.

Sewer and Water Main Repair and Installation

Your Main Source Of Water

The water main is the line that delivers the water from the neighborhood or city supply and connects to your property. The water main has a tendency to experience more problems than other plumbing lines and systems on your property as many of the main lines are older and smaller than the rest of the area’s supply lines so eventual replacement is often inevitable in order to address the low flow issue to your property.

Fast Service

Low flow water tapKeemer Plumbing provides fast and professional water main repair and replacement services in Salt Lake City and across the Wasatch front in Utah. When you are experiencing low flow, our team of professional plumbers will get on it right away to replace your existing water main as quickly as possible to ensure as little interruption as possible in the water supply to your home or business.

We know what we’re doing and will ensure the job is done right and as quickly as possible. Whether your property is commercial or residential, Keemer Plumbing will provide a fast and efficient water main replacement and have your water flowing in no time!

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Regardless if it is your home or business, water mains are NOT something to to mess with with. Keemer Plumbing is here to help.