Repipe With New Pipes For Utah Homeowners

Repipe For Utah Homeowners

Preserve and expand the value of your home with a professional repipe and repiping services from Keemer Plumbing. Outdated copper and galvanized plumbing pipes in your home can be problematic. It is just a matter of time before an issue arises.

We offer a free visual evaluation/inspection and estimate. We will come to your Salt Lake or Utah County metro area and Wasatch Front home.

In Utah home repiping has become a hot trend. Homeowners are seeing the many advantages. Call or text us 801.330.5383 and we will be happy to arrange a time to come out and discuss the project with you and provide a competitive quote. We are a fully licensed, certified and insured Utah valley plumbing company.

Old Clogged Pipes

Why Repipe Your Utah Home

Take a close look at the galvanized pipes on the right. After only a few years the inside of the pipe will start to rust . This dirty and abrasive sediment will end up being transported throughout your homes entire plumbing system.

Day after day, year after year that sediment will continue to build up causing issues down road. By installing new repiping your home you will solve this issue and enjoy better water pressure.

Pipes Get Older They Get Dirty Inside Why You Need To Repipe

As you home ages the water traveling through your pipes collects more sediment. This is why repiping your home with new lifetime PEX makes sense.

Old Pipe Issues

  • Galvanized pipes will rust
  • Slow down water flow
  • Cause health issues
  • Buildup of old sediment
  • Polybutylene pipes will split
  • Copper pipes will split when cold

Copper pipes will split and leak

Copper Pipes Will Split And Leak

Most homeowners are under the impression that copper pipes will not leak. This is not true as they are prone to splitting open if any water should freeze.

If you ever go out of town for a few day or a vacation, we recommend shutting off your water to your home. You do not want to come back to your home only to find out that one of your copper pipes has split and you have water damage in your home. That ends up being a real mess to clean up and insurance paperwork and claims.

Corrosion for copper pipes

Corrosion Is A Fact For Copper Pipes

If you home has copper pipes, they will eventually corrode. And after a while of the corrosion going on, you will have a water leak. This will happen after some time. This is why many Salt Lake City and Utah County homeowners are repiping their home.

polybutylene plumbing

Polybutylene Plumbing Pipes & Repiping

Also called gray pipe by some, polybutylene pipes are far and away prone to fail. They get brittle and spring leaks. Often the copper fittings corrode and they will also leak. Most if not all insurance companies will not ensure a home with them. You will need to repipe your home to get insurance or sell your home.

Repipe With PEX & Uponor Pipe

Repipe With PEX or PEX Uponor

We have a clean and long lasting repipe or piping alternative for your home. It is called PEX cross-linked polyethylene and Uponor pipe tubing. If you take a close look at the image you will see a pipe that is meant to stay clean on the inside. Because of the non metallic of the flexible nature of this product, there is no way that it will ever rust on the inside.

PEX and Uponor are made from a lifetime polyethylene tubing product designed for homes. It is manufactured to withstand stand that test of time. Strong, flexible and most of all, clean!

New PEX Piping For Repipe Jobs

Some Of The Many Repipe Benefits Are:

  • Flexible for fewer fittings, reduced leak-point liability
  • Resists corrosion, pitting and scaling
  • Retains more heat in hot-water lines
  • Resists condensation on cold-water lines
  • Expands up to 3X its diameter to help resist freeze damage
  • Connections do not require the use of chemicals or solvents
  • Offers a complete lead-free system from inlet to faucet
  • NSF International certification for water purity

Clean Water The Results Of Repiping

By Repiping You Will Have Cleaner Water Throughout Your Entire Home

Now when you or a family member takes a shower, bath, or washes the dishes will all have cleaner water touching their skin. Also any of the contaminants like lead, rust and other harmful chemicals will be gone!

Clean Water Benefits:

  • Water is more healthy for skin contact
  • Longer life to water heaters
  • Extended life to appliances
  • Safer to brush teeth with
  • Much more

All of the benefits listed about will last for many years to come. This is great news for homeowners for homes over 15 years old in Salt Lake and Utah counties.

GreenSky Financing for Keemer Plumbing Salt Lake City Utah

How Much Will Repiping My Home Cost?

This is a question we are often asked. In general the prices for repipe in Utah range form $5,000 to $15,000. Below are a few factors in determining a price:

  • The location of the water coming into your home
  • How many bathrooms do you have
  • Where are they located
  • Where is the kitchen located
  • Do you have expensive paneling over the sheetrock
  • Each home is different this is why a visual inspection is needed to determine pricing

Free Repipe Estimate

Utah homeowners investing in a residential repipe is something you’ll probably only have to do once. Quality repiping in a home can last more and often over then 50 years. There are many options you have as a homeowner when selecting materials for your repipe. We will help you make the best choice.

At Keemer Plumbing, we take this potential confusion and turn it to your advantage. To make your job affordable we have financing with many exciting options.

We draw from our vast experience in residential repiping. We will help you decide on materials, design, and we guide you with information every step of the way.