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Hard Water & Softener Options

As you can see on the map, Utah state has the hardest water in the nation! If you are experiencing stubborn water stains and limescale in your shower/tub, then chances are you have hard water. A water softener will make ALL the difference in the world. Especially if you reside in Utah.

What Is Hard Water & The Need For A Water Softener

Here in Utah we have a high mineral content (in contrast with “soft water”). Hard water is formed when it percolates through deposits of limestone. Also chalk or gypsum which are largely made up of calcium and magnesium carbonates, bicarbonates and sulfates. Also called calcium carbonate (CaCO3). In other words an insoluble calcium compound that ends up attaching itself to everything.

A water softener will benefit your entire plumbing system and every appliance that water passes through. Especially when taking a shower. The conditioned water will be now soft on your skin.

bottled hard water test

Hard Water VS Softener (Soft)

Hard water is something every Utah homeowner and business experiences regardless if they realize it or not. Here is a simple test that you can do to see if you have hard water or soft. Take a plastic bottle and fill it halfway. Then shake it up.

If you notice a minimal amount of bubbles you have hard water. If you do it and notice many bubbles in the bottle, you have soft water.

Hard Water VS Soft Quick Test

  • Soft water – lots of bubbles
  • Hard water – little to no bubbles
  • Soft water – clear water
  • Hard water – cloudy water

heating element

What Hard Water Can Do To Water Heater Elements

This hard water can leave calcium deposits on nearly every metal object like your water heating elements. Without a doubt, this makes your water heater less efficient. It also shortens the lifespan as it causes the elements to burn out. You might not notice this happening, but it is building up slowly ever day.

Hard Water Deposits On Your Electric Water Heater Elements

  • Buildup dercesses energy efficiency
  • Shortens the life of the elements
  • Longer time in heating cycles

deposits inside gas heater

Tanked Water Heaters Hard Water Effects

Homeowners in the greater Salt Lake metro area are constantly experiencing efficiency loss in their gas water heaters. Do you hear bubbling and gurgling noises coming from your gas water heater?

This is the result of hard water sediment buildup at the bottom of your hot water heater tank. Yet another valid reason that you need a water softener installed for your entire home plumbing system.

Damage From Hard Water In Your Water Heater

  • Buildup of calcium carbonate inside
  • Making the unit less efficient
  • Shortening water heater life

Effects Of Hard Water

Hard Water On Your Skin

Something to think about, every time you take a shower or bath, you are bathing in hard water. Hard water can also cause the fabric to become rough in laundry and clog skin pores. It may be the culprit in brittle hair or hair that feels firm, hard or has a straw-like texture and looks limp.

Also while you are using the sink washing dishes, silverware, glasses, etc your hands are exposed to hard water. Drying out and causing skin irritation.

What To Expect

  • Skin irritation
  • Brittle hair
  • Drying out of skin
  • Fabric to become rough
  • Clog skin pores

Galvanized Pipes Clogged

Damage From Hard Water On Your Copper and Galvanized Pipes

All plumbing pipes metal or not will have a reaction and will eventually clog and reduce the internal diameter. This is why many Salt Lake area homeowners that have copper or galvanized pipes hire us to repipe their entire home. However, this is also noticed at a slower pace for nonmetallic pipes such as polybutylene.

As water is flowing through these pipes, you or your family members are taking a shower with this contaminated water. The same water is also washing your laundry and clothing and more.

It is true that copper and galvanized pipes react differently to hard water. However, the results can be shocking. As a homeowner, we are all so busy with life’s daily tasks.

We often don’t think about such things until one sees the build-up in their plumbing pipes. Wow, we say to our selves, this is the water in my plumbing system in my home? However true this is, we have a permanent solution for your home and family!

Plumbing Pipes Effects

  • Hard water deposits
  • Closing up of pipe diameter due to limescale (calcium carbonate)
  • Slowing down water flow

water softener  system units

Water Softener Benefits

The benefits of a water softener is an impressive list. We often get calls or positive reviews from homeowners that are just thrilled with their new system! We are just as thrilled to have such a happy costumer!

The installation of a water softener in your home will remove hard water deposits, scale and provide you with many benefits such as:

  • Preventing mineral buildup in your water pipes, faucets, water heater and appliances
  • Extending the life of your appliances
  • Greatly improving the efficiency of your water heater
  • Saving you up to 50% on soaps and detergent usage throughout the year
  • Preventing mineral stains on porcelain surfaces like sinks and in toilets and tubs
  • Helping to prevent water spots on dishes and makes for easier household cleaning
  • Being easier on clothing during laundering
  • Softer skin and hair

Before and after water softener on glass

Hard Water Spots In The Dishwasher No More

Have you ever washed your dishes in the dishwasher and noticed hard water spots? Yes, it is annoying as you just washed the dishes. Now you will NOT have to use a chemical agent additive in your dishwasher ever again.

Your dishes and glassware, as well as silverware, will be clean. Saving time, and most of all frustration. Just hit wash and forget about them. They will come out looking and truly being sparkling clean.

Clean Soft Water Entire Home

Soft & Clean Water For Your Home Softener Brands

Below are brands that we recommend and install:

NUVO Softeners

North Star Water Conditioning

Pelican Systems


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