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The Benefits of Upgrading to a PEX Water System in Your Home

Within your walls, there’s a network of pipes that faithfully deliver water throughout your home. While these pipes may be out of sight, their functionality is undeniably essential. But traditional plumbing materials like copper or galvanized steel can be prone to corrosion, leaks, and even require complex repairs. So, is there a better way to ensure a reliable and long-lasting water delivery system? Keep reading to find out!

What is PEX?

PEX, which stands for cross-linked polyethylene, has revolutionized the plumbing industry with its flexibility and durability. As experts in PEX system installations, we often recommend PEX for its ability to withstand high temperatures and pressures. The material’s resilience makes it ideal for hot and cold water lines, which is why many homeowners and businesses are making the switch. At Keemer Plumbing, we understand the importance of a dependable water piping system. And since PEX provides this reliability, the peace of mind of our customers is guaranteed.

Advantages of PEX Water Systems

Including PEX in our portfolio of services at Keemer Plumbing has helped our clients benefit from several benefits. For one, the heat retention properties of PEX ensure the water temperature remains consistent while traveling through the pipes, resulting in less waste, and reduced heating bills.

Also, PEX’s innate flexibility not only eases installation but also expands design possibilities for builders and remodeling projects. As our team can maneuver PEX with less need for fittings and couplings, the risk of leaks is reduced to the minimum, boosting the system’s integrity. Another benefit of choosing a PEX water system is the material’s immunity to the ravages of time and use, such as corrosion and sediment buildup. This resilience ensures a clean water delivery system with minimal disruption.

Environmental Benefits

If you’re enthusiastic about contributing to a greener future, then a PEX water system is the best choice for you. First, PEX is made from a material that requires less energy to produce than traditional plumbing metals like copper or steel. This reduction in energy translates to a smaller carbon footprint throughout the life cycle of a PEX water system.

Additionally, the long lifespan of PEX water systems means they don’t need to be replaced as often as other materials, cutting down on waste and conserving resources. Meanwhile, due to the material’s flexibility, installation requires fewer resources. PEX is lighter in weight and can be shipped in longer lengths, reducing the fuel and materials needed for transportation and packaging.

Health and Safety Considerations

At Keemer Plumbing, we’ve observed that PEX water systems align perfectly with our safety standards. They are manufactured to be free from toxins that can contaminate drinking water. Their flexibility also minimizes the risk of burst pipes, a common concern during freezing conditions.

With our PEX water systems, you can rest easy knowing your plumbing system is designed to cope with extreme temperature swings without compromising its integrity. We ensure that every PEX installation is carried out with precision to mitigate any foreseeable risks, such as leakages that can lead to mold growth.

Common Myths and Misconceptions

PEX may be relatively new compared to traditional materials, but it has quickly gained popularity. However, the material has been the subject of several misconceptions. For example, some believe that PEX isn’t as robust as traditional metal piping. However, our experience has shown that PEX is exceptionally resilient, often outperforming metals like copper and steel in terms of longevity and resistance to damage.

Another prevalent myth we encounter is the idea that PEX can’t handle the heat. Time and again, we’ve seen PEX perform impressively with both hot and cold water applications, maintaining its structural integrity even under varying temperature ranges that would have adverse effects on other materials.

There’s also the myth that PEX is more expensive in the long run due to repair and maintenance costs. What we’ve found in practice is quite the opposite—thanks to its durability and ease of installation, PEX systems often result in lower overall costs when compared to other plumbing options over their lifetime.

Installation and Maintenance Tips

At Keemer Plumbing, we approach every PEX water system installation with a meticulous eye for detail. Ensuring every connection is secure and every pathway is strategically planned, we minimize bends and restrictions while maximizing optimal water flow and system efficiency.

Besides, maintenance for PEX is straightforward, and that’s something our customers appreciate. Regular check-ups by our professionals can help you spot any potential issues early on, ensuring your PEX system operates smoothly and without interruption for years to come.

For those inclined to understand the nuts and bolts of their plumbing, we are always ready to share insights on the best practices for PEX upkeep. Yet, it’s essential to remember that professional intervention is advisable for any adjustments or expansions to guarantee the system’s integrity and prevent future complications.

Call Keemer Plumbing for Your PEX Upgrade!

At Keemer Plumbing, we believe in providing our customers with the most advanced and reliable plumbing solutions. PEX water systems offer a multitude of advantages, from their exceptional durability and flexibility to their potential for cost savings and simplified maintenance.

Being experts in the industry, we understand these benefits, as well as the myths associated with PEX water systems. By relying on this knowledge, we help clients make informed decisions for their plumbing needs. Our team of licensed plumbers is also available to guide you through the entire process, from initial consultation to expert PEX system installation. Call Keemer Plumbing today for your PEX upgrade!