Utah Sheetrock Repair

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Salt Lake & Utah County Sheetrock Repair Installer Wanted

Keemer Plumbing is looking for Salt Lake & Utah County Sheetrock repair installers. If you have any experience in this field please call or text us at: 801-330-5383 today. We will setup a time to visit and discuss the job and pay offered. We will want to know your experience in this field. Any photos you have or your work is helpful.

What Areas Do We Work?

Our main office is in Taylorsville Utah. We work from as far south as Springville and as far north as North Ogden. Most of our work is in Salt Lake and Utah Counties.

Salt Lake & Utah County SheetRock Repair Installer Wanted

Do You Know How To Patch SheetRock?

If you have experience in this field please contact us asap. We want to know about your experience and see some photos of your workmanship.

What Does The Sheetrock Repair Position Include?

A person that is proficient in re installing sheetrock and matching the existing texture. Here is an outline of what we are looking for:

  • Familiar with sheetrock patch work
  • Knowing how to install sheetrock patches and missing nailers
  • Taping and floating
  • Matching the existing texture.

Sheetrock worker cutout in ceiling Utah

How Many Sheetrock Repair Jobs Do You Have?

We have many sheetrock repair jobs in both Utah and Salt Lake County’s. This is due to the fact that we are installing new pipes also called repiping in many Utah homes. We will install anywhere from 8 – 20 homes per month. And each home can have anywhere from 25 – 125 patches that need to be repaired.

What Does The Position Pay?

We pay by each patch. The pay depends on the job. It can be from $25 to $40 per sheetrock patch. We never have to re paint or do any primer. Only the patch and texture work. This depends on how big the job is. So for a job that has 125 patches we will pay less per patch. Smaller jobs we pay more per patch.

Please contact Keemer Plumbing for more information. You can also call or text to: 801-330-5383. If you are in along the Utah Wasatch Front and can install sheetrock repair, we are looking forward to hearing from you!