U Shower Controller

U Shower

Your showering experience forever changed! U Shower by Moen brings an innovative technology right to your fingertips. Your Utah showering experience will become delightful and oh so unforgettable!

This innovation raises the bar to a higher standard. One in which you and your loved ones will most definitely enjoy! While saving energy and increasing efficiency.

shower is voice activated

U Shower By Moen Smart Shower

You have three creative ways to control your Smart Shower: 

1 Your own voice. With the integration from Alexa, Siri or Google Assistant, you can activate your U Shower control system.

2 With your smartphone. Connecting to WIFI will allow you to have integration with the main controller.

3 The touch controller at your fingertips.

U Shower Voice-Activated Smart Shower

  • You can control your Smart Shower with your voice
  • Set your own presets in the U by Moen app and start it with voice-activated Alexa, Siri or Google Assistant.
  • Start your shower and dial and set to a specific water temperature that will not fluctuate
  • Impress both family and friends

many shower options

Start, Stop and
Pause Your Shower Remotely

From your smartphone, you can set the perfect temperature

We have all experienced a shower that was too hot or cold. As you know this is often a waste of water. Well not anymore with the innovative shower options by Moen. Now from your smartphone you can set and forget it and enjoy!

You Get To Choose Between 2 or 4, U Shower Outlets Controllers

Learn more about shower options
2 outlet controller
4 outlet controller

You Get To Choose

You Also Get To Choose

Many Showering Possibilities

Now you can easily use your voice or the smartphone app to choose the ideal shower temperature. This you can do before even stepping in the shower area.

You will be notified when your shower is ready. This is achieved when you set your notification settings on the controller.

Choose the duration and time of your shower. Now you can just relax and enjoy the time that you set.

GreenSky Financing for Keemer Plumbing Salt Lake City Utah

Building You New U Shower Is Affordable

Here at Keemer Plumbing, we will be happy to come to your home. We will take a look at your existing bathroom and U Shower configuration. Then we will make a professional recommendation for your Utah home.

Our Financing makes your U Shower by Moen job affordable! EX: $15,000 job is only $150 per month. Your price will differ as this is just an pricing example.