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Taylorsville, UT

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Taylorsville, UT

Taylorsville, with its charm and array of amenities, has something for everyone. Amidst the several attractions, residents also enjoy top-notch plumbing solutions from Keemer Plumbing. With years of experience delivering satisfactory, professional, and excellent services, Keemer Plumbing ensures homes and businesses receive the quality plumbing they deserve.

Plumber Taylorsville, UT

As a licensed plumber serving the Taylorsville, UT area, we have built a strong reputation for quality workmanship and customer satisfaction. Our comprehensive plumbing services include:
  • Drain cleaning and repair
  • Water heater installation and maintenance
  • Leak detection and repair
  • Fixture installation and replacement
  • Sewer line installment and repair
We also understand the importance of prompt, reliable service when it comes to plumbing issues. That’s why we offer 24/7 emergency services to ensure that our customers’ needs are met, no matter the time.

Home Repiping Taylorsville, UT

At Keemer Plumbing, we have the expertise to replace old, corroded pipes with new, durable materials that will stand the test of time. We use only the highest quality materials for our home repipe projects, such as copper and PEX piping. These materials are known for their longevity, resistance to corrosion, and ability to withstand the harsh elements of Taylorsville’s climate.
We also work diligently to complete your home repipe project efficiently, minimizing any disruption to your daily routine. Our goal is to ensure your home’s plumbing system is functioning at its best, providing you with reliable water pressure and minimizing the risk of leaks and water damage.

Water Heaters Taylorsville, UT

We specialize in water heater services, ensuring that our customers have a reliable and efficient source of hot water in their homes. We offer a full range of water heater solutions, including:
  • Installation of new water heaters
  • Repair and maintenance of existing units
  • Tankless water heater options for improved efficiency
  • Replacement of old, inefficient water heaters
We also work with top-quality water heater brands, carefully selecting products that are known for their durability and performance. When installing a new water heater, we take the time to assess your household’s unique needs, ensuring that the unit we recommend is appropriately sized and equipped to handle your hot water demands. We go a step further by offering comprehensive water heater maintenance services to extend the life of your water heater, save costs, and prevent unexpected breakdowns.

Bathroom Remodeling Taylorsville, UT

We have the skills and experience to transform your outdated bathroom into a stunning, functional space. Our bathroom remodeling services include:
  • Custom shower and bathtub installations
  • Tile work and flooring
  • Vanity and countertop upgrades
  • Lighting and fixture replacements
  • Plumbing updates and relocations
We work closely with our clients to understand their preferences and budgets, ensuring that the final result exceeds their expectations. More so, we use only the highest quality materials and work with trusted suppliers to ensure that your new bathroom is built to last.

Water, Sewer, Gas Lines Taylorsville, UT

At Keemer Plumbing, our team of professionals ensures that your home’s critical systems are functioning properly and safely. We use state-of-the-art equipment and techniques to diagnose and repair any issues with your lines. Whether you need a new water line installed, a sewer line repaired, or a gas line maintained, we work efficiently to execute these with little disruptions to your daily life.
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