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Water Softeners by Keemer Plumbing Salt Lake City UtahWater Softeners Options

If you are experiencing stubborn water stains and limescale in your shower/tub, then chances are you have hard water. A water softener will make the difference, especially when taking a shower.

Hard To Soft Water

Hard water is caused when pure rainwater runs through dirt, rocks and sand and in the process absorbs minerals like calcium and magnesium. This hard water can leave calcium deposits on nearly every non-skin surface and will eventually clog water pipes. Additionally, it leaves scales on taps and porcelain and can be hard on appliances like dishwashers, coffee makers, washing machines and hot water heaters causing build-up, wasted energy as well as shortened life of the appliances. Hard water can also cause rough dingy laundry, clog skin pores and may be the culprit in brittle hair or hair that feels filmy, firm, hard or has a straw-like texture and looks limp.

Benefits Of A Water Softener

The installation of a water softener in your home will reduce hard water deposits, scale and provide you with benefits such as:

  • Saving you up to 50% on soaps and detergent usage throughout the year
  • Preventing mineral buildup in your water pipes, faucets, water heater and appliances
  • Extending the life of your appliances
  • Preventing mineral stains on porcelain surfaces like sinks and in toilets and tubs
  • Helping to prevent water spots on dishes and makes for easier household cleaning
  • Being easier on clothing during laundering
  • Softer skin and hair

Water Softener Brands

Below are brands that we recommend and install:

NUVO Water Softeners

North Star Water Conditioning

Pelican Water Systems

Auqasana Water Softeners 

We install water softeners that range in size and budget to meet your needs. Keemer Plumbing proudly installs water softeners from any of the major brands. Call us today for a free estimate and start enjoying the benefits of soft water in your home.

Here at Keemer Plumbing we service the Wasatch Front! Call text, or contact us by email and we will get to you right away!