Utah EZ Pay Financing

“Utah EZ Pay” 1% Financing for Plumbing & Remodeling Services across the Wasatch Front and surrounding areas!

The Best Financing Deals Ever for Home Improvement Services!
Financing offered by Keemer Plumbing to homeowners for projects over $2,500. Get approved today for your project with Keemer Plumbing  with No Prepayment Penalties, No Closing Costs and No Liens!

We Offer the Following Utah EZ Pay Options:

Mount Olympus Plan

1% Mo Payment & 4.9% Interest, Short-Term Option

Payment Examples:

$2,500 Job X 1% = $25 per Month!

$ 3,500 Job X 1% = $35 per Month!

$5,000 Job X 1% = $50 per Month!

With the Mount Olympus financing plan option, the monthly payment will be 1% and the interest rate will be 4.9% for the first year. If not paid within the first year, the balance, for life of the loan, will have a monthly payment of 1.5% with an interest rate of 13.99%. Most Wasatch Front area homeowners choose the “Mount Olympus” financing option if they are planning to pay off the note in a year or two. Apply Now!



Mount Timpanogos Plan

1.25% Mo Payment &  7.9% Interest, Long-Term Option

$2,500 Job X 1% = $31.25 per Month!

$ 3,500 Job X 1% = $43.75 per Month!

$5,000 Job X 1% = $62.50 per Month!

With the Mount Timpanogos financing plan option, the monthly payment will be 1.25% and the interest rate will be 7.9% for the life of the loan. The monthly payment factor and the interest rate will never change. The Mount Timpanogos financing plan is like the “Mount Olympus Plan” in as they are both simple interest revolving loans. Apply Now!


ALL “Utah EZ Pay” Financing Plans Are:

No Prepayment Penalty!

No Closing Cost!

No Liens!



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About Utah EZ Pay

Apply NOW with our famed Utah EZ Pay Financing, home improvement projects can be financed for remodels (as well as other services such as replacement windows, siding and roofing for Salt Lake City homeowners that live across the Wasatch Front, Wasatch Back, Salt Lake, Utah, Davis, Weber, Summit, Wasatch Counties and surrounding metro areas we service.


Utah EZ PAY Financing options takes only a few minutes to complete the application with approvals in 15 minutes or less for most cases. APPROVALS are easy with Utah EZ Pay program even if your credit is not perfect.

At Keemer Plumbing, we are here to help you get the financing you need and to complete your larger home improvement projects whether it be for a new bathroom or kitchen remodel (as well as home siding, replacement windows or roofing start to finish)!

Use Our Money Not Yours

Why take your own money out of your personal banking account when you can use our money. Consider this, why remove $10,000 from your savings for siding or roof replacement when for instance, when for just a 1% monthly payment loan, your payment would ONLY cost you $100 a month! Even Personal finance experts advise homeowners to use bank and loan money rather than their own.

Your revolving credit account will allow you to get a newly remodeled bathroom or kitchen, Hardie or LP SmartSide Siding, Energy Efficient Replacement Windows or a new Roof Replacement on your home with no liens, no closing costs and you will not be charged any  prepayment penalties if you choose to pay of the loan early! Choosing a loan with with no-lien provides security to you as a homeowner and this type of lending is much quicker than a traditional home improvement loan.


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Fill out the Utah EZ Pay Application

Approvals are FAST with Utah EZ Pay!

With our Utah EZ Pay 1% Financing, you will have the opportunity to accept or reject any offer(s) you are approved for. Whether you are looking for financing for replacement windows, siding or roofing, Keemer Plumbing will do our best to find a financing solution to meet your needs. Standard interest rate with Utah EZ Pay is 4.9%, now this is a great deal!

What Will My 1% Monthly Payments Be?

With the Mount Olympus plan they will be 1% of the job cost: e.g. $8,500  (project) multiplied by 1% = $85 per month payment
Here are Utah EZ Pay 1% “Mount Olympus” plan Examples:

$  7,900 = $79 per month for a Roof Replacement
$  8,700 = $87 per month Hardie & LP SmartSide Siding
$14,000 = $140 per month Vinyl Windows
$  6,500 = $65 per month for a bathroom remodel

Our Financing Partners and Providers Are Trusted Lenders:

We use several financing avenues depending upon the individual needs and circumstances. As opposed to going to a bank such as Chase Bank or Wells Fargo Home Improvement Financing, we use financing providers who are more suited for homeowners and home improvement. We have found these providers to be more friendly to homeowners needs and not requiring massive amounts of paperwork and or liens on the home. They are reputable companies such as Aqua Finance and GreenSky Credit.