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Now you can leave your money in the bank and still get your project done! Keemer Plumbing is home to the famed Utah EZ Pay financing. Plumbing financing is not easy to come by. We make it easy with quick approvals and you never have any closing costs. With exciting options help you get your plumbing project completed ASAP!

Plumbing Financing Options
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  • No Closing Cost
  • No Liens On Your Home
  • Never A Pre-Payment Penalty



Equal Payments

& More. .

What Is a 1% Monthly Payment
And What Will My Payment Be?

A payment factor of 1% means that a $1,100 job
will be $11 a month.

Water Softener or Filtration Coupon

Water Softener financing example

You desire to have soft water in your home. You would like to have all of the many benefits. We then install labor and materials for $1,100 are only $11 a month!

Tankless Water Heater Coupon Keemer Plumbing

Tankless Water Heater Financing Example:

You desire to have long hot showers without the water running cold. We install a new tankless hot water heater to save money on utility bills and have endless hot water. The cost is $3,000 installed labor and materials are only $30 a month!

Repipe Coupon Keemer Plumbing

Home Repiping Financing Example:

Your home is over 15 years old and you realize that the water in your pipes has much sediment. You decide that your family will benefit from clean water. The repiping job is $9,500 for your entire home labor and materials are only $95 a month!

Bathroom Kitchen Remodel Coupon Keemer Plumbing

Home Remodel Financing Example:

Your family is growing and you decide that you want maybe another bathroom or extend the kitchen. The new drains and hot and cold water pipes job is $4,500 for your entire home labor and materials are only $45 a month!

Water Heater Coupon Keemer Plumbing

Hot Water Heater Financing Example:

Your old hot water heater is over 7 years old and it is becoming less efficient and has started to have some leaks. We replace the unit for you. The job is $1,800 labor and materials are only $18 a month!

Water Softener or Filtration Coupon

Water Filtration Financing Example:

You desire to have clean water in your home. The benefits are many from clean bathing to clean drinking water. The job is $2,800 labor and materials are only $28 a month!

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Get Approved Today For Our Utah EZ Pay 100% Financing for your plumbing project!

Utah EZ Pay Financing

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Plumbing Financing For Every Need With Great Rates!

Every home and business has many different plumbing parts and pipes. They are mounted in different areas of your home. They can range anywhere from a bathroom, a master bathroom, a kitchen, the water heater area, hose bibs expansion tanks, flow meters, manifolds, elbows, sink lines and more.

As you can see, that is quite the list. This is why we offer the Utah EZ Pay for plumbing repairs. It makes getting your repairs done simple and easy.

Instant Financing Approvals!

How Long To Get Approved?

With many financing companies, it can take days to get your financing approved. Here at Utah EZ Pay, we can have your financing approved within just a few minutes.

Utah EZ Pay

What Will Be My Interest Rate Be?

We have some great financing plans with great rates! You will get to choose your rater as we have several plans to choose from.

When Will My First Payment Be Due?

Homeowners will not have to make any payments until 30 days after the plumbing job is completed. You will have a completion certificate to sign off once the work is completed. You will also get a phone call from the financing company to verbally verify that the job is complete.

The Utah EZ Pay financing is a great way to leave your money in the bank and use ours! Thank you from all of us at, Keemer Plumbing.