Bathroom Styles

Bathroom Styles

There is a wide variety of bathroom styles and ideas to choose from. We thought it might be helpful to provide information on some of the most popular choices. On this page, you will find some nice pictures along with some links to help you get inspired to create your perfect bathroom.

A Great Variety of Bathroom Styles

If you are looking to remodel your bathroom and considering a certain style or do not know which direction to go, we hope this post will help. No matter if your taste is modern, retro, rustic, contemporary, traditional or transitional we can help you create your dream bathroom.

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Bathroom Styles To Choose From

Deciding on the style of your bathroom can be fun and exciting. There is so much to consider such as what style of bathroom you might have in mind. Below we list and describe some of the more popular styles to help with your decision making processes.

List of Bathroom Styles

Below we outline a wide range of bathroom styles for you to consider. Each with a photo to provide you quick visuals to help you to understand the difference between each.

Modern Bathroom

Modern Bathroom Style

12% in popularity

1 – A modern bathroom is one of the most popular styles of our time.
centered around a simple, clean, minimalistic look and feel.

The bathroom style is designed with a neutral or basic and minimal number of colors, natural materials along with sleek lines.

You’ll often see the use of geometric shapes and patterns, clean lines.

Some of the materials used in this type of bathroom are porcelain, marble, stone, and teak possibly with the addition of a small pop of color or live plants. The furniture and cabinet style is typically mid-century.

Whether your bathroom is small or large, it can easily be transformed into a luxurious, modern sanctuary, very functional and relaxing too.

Many modern bathrooms now feature heated floors for wonderfully added comfort.

This type of bathroom is for homeowners who are looking to move into the future with modern style and grace.

Retro Bathroom

Retro Bathroom Style

11% in popularity

2 – The retro bathroom are very versatile ranging from cozy cottage to chic and sophisticated. You can incorporate anything from a variety of fun retro wallpapers (make sure it is moisture resistant) or retro colors such as pink, blue, yellow or green with white. You cannot go wrong with the popular claw-foot tub. Add some furniture such as a bench, upholstered chair and/or dressing table. Separate hot/cold water tap, vintage, metallic hardware throughout the bathroom or easily add a skirted sink. Stained glass is another retro look to add to the windows. Tile such as checkerboard patterns or hardwood floors is both a great choice for a retro bath. This type of bathroom provides a timeless look that never goes out of style.


A Rustic Bathroom Style

2% in popularity

3 – Rustic bathrooms feature handmade furnishing using natural materials. The rooms are often rooms consisting of strong earth tones. They may have large beams and lots of wood throughout. The bathroom space will often feel more natural as well as cozy. This may be just the bathroom you are looking for.

Contemporary Bathroom

Contemporary Bathroom Style

28% in popularity

4 – A contemporary bathroom is a bathroom that is considered to be warm, easily sophisticated, up-to-date with clean lines and uncluttered and spacious look. The flooring and counters are typically of wood, tile or a durable stone. The feel is more calming and serene with its simplicity, fun play on textures and concise color palettes to create a great balance for this type of bathroom design.

Traditional Bathroom

A Traditional Bathroom Style

26% in popularity

5 – A Traditional bathroom is more of a formal bathroom, classic in design with an emphasis on practicality, functionality along with comfort. Some materials include marble, glass, tile and polished wood. These bathrooms are timeless, clean-lined, cool with classic or elegant hues, luxurious and glamorous touches as well as comfort. The decore is pulled from materials respective of the historical period chosen such as Victorian, Colonial or Georgian. Contrasting elements of the past (the 1800s and 1900s European decor) combined with selected modern elements.


A Transitional Bathroom

18% in popularity

6 – A transitional bathroom. This is a bathroom style that is a cross combining elements of one design era with those of another such as between traditional and contemporary. It may consist of a mix of traditional and modern design features brought together throughout to create a nice flowing space.

Craftsman Bathroom

A Craftsman Bathroom

6% in popularity

7 – A craftsman bathroom style is best known for warmth and relaxation with artisan design using local products whenever possible. Materials used in these types of homes include metal, granite, glass and the use of local species of wood, stone as well as colors of the area. The bathroom displays custom, intricate cabinetry and decor combined with stylish lighting. The room will be colored in earthy tones and sometimes accented with art tile.

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